Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Tried to Make a Rose

... And I made a little video. Watch out, it's my first video, so it's not perfect. If you can keep up, send me pics of the roses you make :-)


Thanks go to Tim Holtz, my mum, and Mouse Potato Designs.


  1. Thats a great first video, just like all the others I have seen on youtube, it is great and the rose is lovely, will have a go at making one x

  2. Great video! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll try to make one asap. And the script stamp is very good, a good alternative to a massive book destruction...

  3. exactly - i've seen some amazing things made from old books, but just can't bring myself to do that to a book...

  4. I think the video idea is so good! I think I might have to try making one now too! Is this something you’ll do for more things, there are so many video’s I’d like to watch and know how you make it!