Thursday 22 July 2010

Problem Solved

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but my fiance takes a while to get things done - things about the house, like putting up a shelf. If I ask, it won't usually happen until the week after, or the week after that. The other day we had a little 'discussion' about this issue, and the outcome was that instead of me asking, I should write a list. 'Men like lists!' he said, rather heatedly.

So I went away and made him a To Do List. I used a little wooden board that I bought months ago with no exact plan in mind as the base. It's ready-drilled to hang on the wall and looks more like a mini chopping board or cheese board. I decorated it like this:

I used chipboard letters from Artemio, and the paper was... well, actually, I've forgotten. That's really bad!
I used real tools on this one (not a little lady hammer and little lady nails) and hammered in two nails. Then I cut a stack of paper to size and added two eyelets at the same width as the nails:

I had some really fun stickers from Paperchase which kind of contributed to the air of 'getting things done':

And enjoyed layering up the little corner embellishment with various stickers (Paperchase, EK Success and Cosmo Cricket) and other collected items:

I wrote a little message on the back: 'To stop nagging, to avoid arguments, and to get things done'. I'm pleased to report that two things on the list have already been scratched off. Here's hoping it always works!


  1. It really made me laugh to read this, but seriously what a fabulous idea! I love how you have decorated it, it is so "Adam". You could open up a "I can save your marriage bureau" and just give the wives one of those boards!!!!lol.
    I hope it works!!!

  2. This is so cool! I love the colors and all the embellies you used.

  3. haha! I can relate to that, you did make me laugh! Great project, I hope it works!

  4. ahhhhh...this is pretty exciting!!!! so eye catching.... and functional!!!

  5. Love this....the background papers are they from 3 bugs in a rug -if they are - they are one of my all time favourite!!

  6. It is 3 Bugs in a Rug, yep! Thanks Tracie :-)