Thursday 4 November 2010

A Little Lady for a Little Lady

A very close friend's daughter is soon to turn 1. She's already quite the poser, always smiling for the camera, and will definitely grow up to have very discerning fashion tastes, if her mummy is anything to go by. My friend likes a lot of things oriental, and I'm sure when baby grows up she'll appreciate the beauty on that side of the world too. As a tiny pre-emption of this discovery she'll make, I've fashioned for her a bookmark with a little kimono-clad lady on. It's not quite origami (there's glue involved), but there was some folding, and some very amusing english translations of the instructions in the otherwise Japanese-oriented kit.

Isn't the paper gorgeous? It's all textured and a little bit foamy around the edges of the flowers. I love Japanese paper.

Oh, and I know it's a bookmark, and she's only turning 1, but she's already taken her first step and she'll be intelligent beyond her years, I know it. Plus mummy will enjoy reading to her.


  1. That is so cute and clever! I am so useless at folding paper. I am sure she will love it, the paper is gorgeous!

  2. It's so cute! I love the patterned paper :)

  3. Never to young to enjoy the wonder of books, and just think what a lovely gift she'll have in her future reading.