Tuesday 12 April 2011

Short and Sweet

The distractions of the birth of a wedding and the death of a laptop leave me short on time today, so I'll just say that the postal system is once again graced with my custom - I'm almost caught up with the Postcard a Week challenge!

Here is what March brought: no great shakes, but I do seem to using the postcards to experiment with styles and techniques. Which doesn't always lead to success, but hey ho, on we go!


  1. Looks nice and an experiment is always very nice!!
    You never know what you come up with!!
    Your postcards look nice!!Have a happy day.

  2. A bit of experimenting on a small scale is always good! I hope you get your computer troubles sorted out soon

  3. Isn't that the beauty of "playing" ... more often than not your experiments end up being just the thing you wanted :)

  4. I like receiving all the experiments!

  5. I love experimenting with new techniques, hope your poorly laptop feels better soon :)