Thursday 23 June 2011

Wedding Flowers

This week I've been busy on the beginnings of bouquets for my bridesmaids.

Here's a little peek of something I've made so far:

And here's a peek of some of the flowers my mum has made:

I'm still trying to pin down all my ideas for my own bouquet. They're all still flying around in my head. If you have a tip, an idea, or a link to a bouquet that made you go 'ooooh', please let me know!


  1. Love the windmill. You will feel like the Chelsea flower show as come to visit you at the weekend when I get there! Lots more pretties comeing your way1

  2. They look like they're going to be stunning

  3. That blue is such a beautiful shade, I can't wiat to see more!

  4. These look awesome - can't wait to see the finished "product". Luce x

  5. Love those folded posies!!!! I can't wait to see how these are all mixed up- your Mom's florals are giving me all kinds of "brain zing". ;)