Thursday 12 August 2010

Those Diamond Memories

That scalloped 12x12 paper used in my last post reminded me of some layouts I haven't shared yet. They're from 2008, when we visited Croatia and Montenegro, and this time I wasn't the one behind the camera. My fantastic husband-to-be took all these incredible photos (helped out by the breathtaking scenery in that part of the world) - many, many more than I've scrapped. I wanted to keep the pages simple and bare, so that no attention was drawn away from the photos. Turned out they are very bare...

This was the day we drove to a beach that we could only access by making our way through the grounds of an enormous abandoned hotel, and pretty much climbing down some cliffs. It was too far to get to Dubrovnik old town the way we'd come, so we paid a local to take us via the harbour in his very shiny, white leather-seated speedboat. Talk about arrive in style. This is one of those diamond memories - things you're so pleased you've done, that would've always been a regret if you hadn't done them. A lot of these photos are things we saw on the walk around the city wall... and when I see them, I desperately want to go back there!


  1. Hi dear... thanks for leaving some love on my blog...

    You are right abt bringing focus to the pics... esp when you chose a darker coloured cardstock against the blue background on the pictures...the cities looks beautiful...

  2. great photos and lovely memories, I am sure you will go back soon!

  3. i love scaloped paper too. those pics look great

  4. and I'm sure you'll visit again, the lovely memories you have of it, and the beautiful photographs will make you want to do that soon. Sometimes we over embellish our pages, but what you've done is right ... the photos are the real stars.