Tuesday 28 September 2010

Lessons Learnt

Our craft class on Saturday went down a storm - proof is a quote from one of the fathers:

Cheryl, the kids had a ball at the craft's lesson. I am amazed at what you and Chocodeline got out of them. I find just getting them all to sit down and watch a DVD is an almost impossible challenge.

There's feedback for you!

Here is a picture of what the kids made - I'm so impressed. They look so much better than I ever imagined they would:

Some things I've learned, that might perhaps serve as tips for those thinking about giving craft classes to kids:
  • you're the teacher, the one in charge - they're expecting you to tell them to sit down and stop shouting. Don't be afraid just because they're other people's kids.
  • never underestimate the creative potential of young kids.
  • at the same time don't give them too much to do. Restlessness can come from both a too boring task and a too challenging one.
  • don't give them too much choice - young kids will create within the boundaries you set them. Give them too much choice and you'll soon have a situation on your hands which you can't control.
  • know inside out, upside down and back to front the process for your class. Kids will exploit any weaknesses in your plan and you'll lose them.
And I'll finish by saying that we all had a lot, lot of fun!


  1. I helped out at an after school club for a while, and I found myself nodding along with what you found out about keeping kids happily occupied. It sounds like everyone had a ball though, and I bet you'll soon be thinking about another one.

  2. And remember what one of them said before we started "it is too difficult!" and look at the result! :)

  3. See what a good teacher can get out of the kids :) ... well done, knew you'd be excellent.

  4. They have done a great job, congrats on the successful lesson. I teach teenagers and what you said applies to them too :)

  5. They look fabulous!! So glad you had fun!!It looks like the kids did!!

  6. They look really good, I think you both did a great job!