Tuesday 14 September 2010

Photographic Memory, Anyone?

Today I've got a really simple and quick tip... that maybe everyone does already, but even if you do, I want to say how valuable I think it is.

I am starting to really enjoy layering - like on this frame I made - and when there are lots of layers, it can be easy to forget what goes where. You cut, you measure, you cut again, you test, you layer without glue... and then what? You have to take it all apart just so that you can stick it together again.

So, take a photo of your 'dry run', and then you can dispense with the need for a photographic memory - your template is right there on your camera.

I did it with one of the layouts I posted on Sunday. Here is the dry run photo:

And here is the finished page:

It really works for me. Does anyone else do anything like this to remember where they want stuff to go?


  1. It is a very good tip, I might do a little sketch and some notes, but it never works out the same, maybe I should use your method. Can't wait to see the shop!

  2. I am terrible at remembering where everything goes so this is a great idea! I usually try and stick things down without moving them which is quite difficult!

  3. I draw small marks with a pencil