Wednesday 5 October 2011

The Wedding of Awesomeness: Part 1 of Many

Hello everyone, and welcome to my little story about the time I got married. It was not, I can assure you, though I'm sure you already know, a day of pink frilliness and enormously long dress trains. It was more a day of Things That Make Up Us.

The groom and the bride got ready on the morning of the wedding in separate houses: I with my bridesmaids and my mum, and he with his groomsmen and his family. A few days earlier I'd taken a little box of presents over to the house where he was getting ready, for the boys to open on the day. The little box contained the boutonnieres that the boys would be wearing. Of course, they are handmade. As was the box.

Gauche Alchemy goodies helped decorate the lid
The texture of the box was achieved by mixing some texturising medium with acrylic paint, loading it up onto the lid and sides of the box, and then pressing a woodgrain pattern embossing folder into the paint. You gotta try it - it's a great effect!

See? They're just jumping to get out

I hand-sewed the felt skulls myself. Regrettably, I can't take credit for the idea, though. Here is the main man's skull in action:

Lots more to come soon! (And possibly some official photos, one of these days)


  1. Awesome doesn't do it justice!! Everything that went into that day was truly amazing, I loved everything and minute of the day. If there was 1 day in my life I could re live it would be that one!

  2. I've been lucky enough to see some of the photos, and it looked totally gorgeous

  3. Awesome awesome project, Cheryl!! I am waiting for the gorgeous official photos! :))))

  4. It's just so you :) :) Thats what weddings should be and i've always said mine will be a day that makes up us too and if that means we get married in our jeans and converses!!
    great stuff m'lady xoxo

  5. That box deserves it's own feature! It's gorgeous!!! LOVE the layering and detail in the decoration and your TOTALLY kick ass woodgrain technique- must try it!!! Pinned into a bizillion boards! How's the feature in a magazine coming? CAn I help you? This stuff is just too awesome!

  6. You knpw- a stury of my own- I wanted to get married in the local bowling alley and have a huge pizza party and make everyone dress up in white - it was a no go- the famz was all NOOOOO! So I got the whole white dress, big party deal and HATED IT- especially since Dave and I paid for it all. We are redoing our vows in 3 years and I promised myself I would do something more personal (funky) for that.

  7. I wonder why has this post just popped up in my Google Reader now? These are the details I have been waiting for lol. I love the way your personality just shines through

  8. Hey Cherlz- you know what they say about fantasists right? They change the world. :)
    The power to see things differently is what sparks change- like the free radicals in oxygen that empower fire.
    Never. Change.

  9. Ohmygosh! Love the little box and boutinerres!!! From reading the caption I totally thought you put jumping beans inside!