Friday 23 March 2012

A Litte Misty-Eyed

Last week I mentioned Revlie's class and how great it was to be in that freedom-to-create-without-boundaries environment... I also mentioned how I was a long way off finishing either of the projects...

...yep, OK, you guessed what's coming - I finished one of them!

love is... embracing the new
This mini album was made with a focus on Tattered Angels products in mind.
I don't know how many layers
I am so very, very happy with this project and I want to tell you why:
  • During the class, Birgit did some demos for us and then we'd go away and recreate a page with her techniques. It was so useful to actually see first hand how layers can be built up. (What was also very sweet was that some of the ladies were translating into my ear as we crowded around to watch Birgit... who was speaking Dutch, of course, since we were in the Netherlands.)
yep - it's punchinella making another appearance!

  • Having the free run of the whole product selection was a joy - but more importantly, it made me realise the gulf in quality between these mists and the ones I currently own (Cosmic Shimmer Mists). Tattered Angels' mists still clog sometimes, but the fineness of the glitter, the smoothness of the spray and the blendability of the colours is far, far better than anything I've used before. (Interestingly, I've just ordered some Dylusions, so we'll see how they compare. In fact, I am going to go and buy a Tattered Angels pack from the art shop down the road once I get paid, so maybe I can do a product comparison video...)
I really have fallen in love with these products

  • I was so happy during the class just to be creating, with no pressure from anywhere. One attempt that I wasn't happy with even got redone (my attention span is such that I am hardly ever (read: never until now) able to redo creations).
  • It has opened my mind to lots of other products, to techniques, to different canvases and to the option of using colours and motifs that I usually avoid.
pink AND a butterfly, on the same page? Who are you and what have you done with Cheryl?

  • It made me realise that it is actually pretty comfy outside of my comfort zone.
in for a penny...
Basically we did our work on a sheet of paper, and once it had dried, we stuck it onto a sheet of cardboard (cut from a box), and then punched holes and fixed the pages together into a book.

So what did Birgit teach me?
  • I learned how to employ screens with spray, ink and sponge, gesso and credit card, Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Glaze.
the swallow is a screen that was painted with Glimmer Glaze, stamped onto the page and then left to dry before misting over. It acts as a resist and comes in a large range of shades.

  • I learned how to use gesso and Glimmer Mists together.
  • I learned how Chalkboard Mists and I are a match made in heaven.
  • I learned that all of that mist and glaze and ink is pretty hard to clean off hands and nails.
  • I learned how to forget about patterend paper.
  • I learned how to start thinking properly about mixed media art.
  • And, most important of all, I (re-)learned how to have fun. I've been putting too much pressure on myself lately, and now I know I have to sit back and have fun sometimes.

Watch this space for news on the Tattered Angels vs Dylusions face off. If anyone wants to throw in some Mr Hueys too, feel free!


  1. ..and the October Afternoon ones have cool colours too.

    What a great post - your enthusiasm just spills off the page. So to speak :)

  2. I love what you did, and you sure did learn a lot! hope you will be able to share all that info at a later day! and maybe share some mists as well lol! That is going to be a great album for all those engagement photos!

  3. Sounds like you took a really amazing taught you a lot but also made you feel good about creating! Very happy for you! Your book looks wonderful too!

  4. That sounds like such an amazing class! Layering has always been one of my failings. lol You did great!

  5. Cheryl, This is just FABULOUS!!! What a fun class you took! Looking forward to seeing all your new projects:)

  6. That class sounds awesome and I love the freedom you found pushing yourself outside your comfort zone! The finished product is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it!