Monday, 14 May 2012

Stealing Moments

That is how I am getting back into scrapping: snatching an hour here, 30 minutes there... I was getting too caught up about needing a large-ish time slot in order to get around to doing anything. 

I realise my blog posts are still sounding a bit subdued; however, the response I got from the last post, and being able to read everyone’s blogs again, has certainly put me on the path to being cheered me up.

Anyway, I stole a few moments to get a quick layout together. Using a kit from GottaCraft, a special photo from our engagement shoot, a selection of bits from Gauche Alchemy, a sprinkling of my Crate Random win, and just a smattering of paint, I created this in not much time at all:

And into the album it goes. 

In other, though not so different, news, it’s been a restless, uncomfortable start to the week, despite the beautiful sunshine bringing the conviction that May is finally deciding to show its face. Anyone got any tips on sort of centering oneself after what feels like a rough kind of month?


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling out if sorts, but take pleasure in having the sun on you. As I'm sitting here blog reading I'm soaked to the skin after walking the dog, this morning lol.

    Another gorgeous layout, I'm betting your wedding album is really stunning

  2. Sometimes it simply means waiting for the feeling to pass, I think. And I hope it does. Very soon.

  3. I like your layout, glad you had a few moments to get something done. I think that all the time you are house hunting you are bound to feel unsetttled.

  4. Lovely layout. As to the other, lots of deep breaths and giving yourself permission to just be in the moment--good, bad, or indifferent--is my best coping mechanism.

  5. Cheryl, sorry to hear your month was rough. I find more creating even if it is in little bits helps ground me. Gets me thinking about other things (should I say sometimes I think about nothing?). I love this layout and it is a wonderful Cheryl design. Feel better.

  6. Wow!!! Totally love this fabulous layout!!

  7. This layout is great love all the colour and buzz its got Keep stealing time that's what I say
    From a new follower