Thursday 4 August 2011

All Work and No Play makes Cheryl an Impatient Woman

Yep, it's been like that for about 3 weeks. Just when I thought I would start to wind things down with work so that I could spend some time on the wedding preparations, people start banging at my electronic door to have this done and that done by, oh, when do you want it? Yesterday?


As a result I've got little to share on my blog except for an invisible but definitely present mounting panic. I'm in dire need of some zen. So, a few deep breaths and I look to my camera for calm... and, it turns out, hopefully inspiration too.

Here are a couple of photos I took with my new camera the day we got lost in the woods. As I was playing around with the settings, seeing what differences I could make, there was an eerie calm all about, a silence more silent than usual. After the photos, there was nothing familiar along the path. Even the trees and the ferns were different. And for a full five minutes we walked, and wondered if we'd stepped through a window into another dimension.

Next up, a photo of the ceiling of a bar in town (yes, they are beer trays). The bar is called Delirium, after one of the beers it sells (Delirium Tremens, 8.5%). This beer's logo is a pink elephant, because apparently that's what you'll see if you drink too many of them. I guess how many you can see in the photo depends on how drunk you are.

Then there's the awesome moment when the singer of a rockabilly band we went to see stood on his bassist's double bass (which had a pretty sweet paint job) and rockabillied out for a few seconds. Awesome, Voodoo Swing, awesome!

And finally, just because:

My new camera, a very early birthday present (thanks mum and dad!) is a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS, and after having checked my records I have to say that only pictures 1, 2 and 5 here were taken with it. Pictures 3 and 4 were 1 month BC (Before Canon).


  1. I got drunk on Delirium Tremens once- here they market it as "once banned" because it supposedly has some chemical that was banned in the US till like 1995. Anyway it only takes a beer and a half to get me laughing like a loon- I'm a total light weight. :) Love the photos- getting lost in the woods sounds scary but I would LOVE to take walk in silent woods right about. Hope everything slows down a bit before the wedding- can't wait to see the photos!!!!

  2. Glad you are enjoying your present, great photos. Try not to worry, relax a bit and enjoy the process.

  3. Deep breaths...sorry to hear things are so busy for you. Hope you can find some just for you time soon! What a great shot of the adorable. Hubs and I took a walk in the woods...only up a big mountain. It's amazing how everything feels so surreal in a setting like that, camera or not. Nature just plain rocks.

  4. Sometimes life's like that - making demands on us left and right. Hope it calms down a bit soon. Congrats on your new camera. Love the way it allows you to play with depth of field in your woodland shots