Friday 21 December 2012

Happy Wrapping Happening

We're busy busy bees in this household. For the first year I have managed to find the time to locate, buy and put together the gift wrapping that I've envisioned in my head.

But it takes a long time to wrap! My husband is a champion wrapper - all for straight seams and hidden seams and neatness - and we make a pretty good team.

Look! They're so pretty! I don't want anyone to open them!

I punched the tags from Lily Bee's Handmade collection


  1. Love how they look but I really love that you guys worked on these together! My husband is the better gift wrapper as wel- he has more patience. This year he was working 12 hour days/ 7 days a week during December so it fell to me to wrap the gifts- I had fun but you did a better job. :)