Friday 22 February 2013

Foxes and Cakes

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have seen I've been on a bit of a fox kick recently.

I've experimenting with what I can only call magazine art, and it all started with a fox. That's the secret thing I was talking about here... and I'm still not ready to share it yet. Instead, in order to satisfy a foxy need, I picked up some thick felt in the craft shop and got to work with my needle to make a fantastic fox cushion:

Thanks is due to the article in my mum's Mollie Makes magazine - featured here online. I couldn't bring the mag home with me, and I didn't have time to photocopy the pages, so I snapped one pic of the finished cushion and worked the rest out for myself. Cute, isn't he? He makes me almost nostalgic for autumn. I also am aware that foxes are not the most popular animals at the moment... but for me, they will always be.

OK, moving on. Lots happening here. You may notice I have another new tab on my blog... MMM! HandmadeToo! has launched, due to such high local demand, and I am now pleased to be supplying sweet and sometimes healthy treats!

So, wish me luck. I'll be back soon, with some scrapbooking, some more foxiness, and maybe some cakes. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! Cheryl I am seriously impressed! You have done a fantastic job there just from a picture, it is amazing, you should make other animals and sell them!

  2. I WANT ONE TOOOOOOOOO!!!! so so cute! I agree with your mum, you should do other animals. So i'd like: a penguin, a whale, a foxy too... ;D

  3. oooh a racoon too! i love racoons!

  4. YAY! Glad to hear you are cooking as well as stitching! That fox cushion is ADORABLE!!!

  5. very cute cushion with weight init it would make a fab door stop too.