Tuesday 22 June 2010

Craft Classes: Success!

So, yes, they were a success, and I got to teach words the students'll be able to surprise their teachers with - like 'bling', 'squidgy', and 'glimmer' :-).

Just to recap, the aim was to make a 30x30cm piece of paper into a folded mini-album, like this one:

After initial shyness on the first day, I began to see a lot of creative cogs moving in the girls' minds, and considering most of them said they hadn't done anything like this before, it was very rewarding. The work they produced was outstanding! Here they are, hard at work:

A number of the girls also came out of their shell and spoke a lot more English to me as the week progressed. The two who were the most shy in the beginning were quit chatty at the end, and produced some really good work:

And this is everyone with their finished mini-albums:

I had a great time, and learned A LOT about giving classes, both in terms of crafting and language teaching. It was really fun! I'm pretty sure they all felt the same! Thanks girls, and thank you, Susan, for giving me the opportunity to give these classes! Here's to more in the future... Once more, for posterity:


  1. I'm glad it was such a success :)

  2. It does look like it was a great success, the doggy album looks really cute, well done, it is hard enough to show someone how to do something without a language barrier as well, so glad you all enjoyed it.