Sunday 13 June 2010

I Love Bunting

I love bunting. I want bunting everywhere, all the time. Today I'm posting some bunting I made last December for my fiance's birthday, which somehow I didn't get an photos of at the time.

I made one set in our favourite colours - red, black and white, that said 'Adam is 30'...

And another set in green that said 'Happy Birthday'. This one was really long (lots of letters!):

I kept it quite simple and let the colours speak:

I guess we can use the green one again, but unless I change the number every year, the red one is consigned to the Decorations Box, never to emerge again!


  1. It turned out fabulous, first time I have seen it, love the colours and patterned papers. Must have taken ages!

  2. I agree. I love bunting. This is really great. Kate