Monday 21 June 2010

Sneak Peek: Square Mini

Hey there. So, totally characteristic of me, I'm ignoring the urgent things and the top-of-the-to-do-list items and getting lost in something entirely different. But it has a purpose, I tell myself! I've constructed a mini-album to store the photos of our impending UK visit (which will not feel anything like a holiday due to us manically running around and seeing as many people as possible), so that the photos, upon our return, won't get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list as so often and sadly happens. This is a sneak peak of the blank album; I'll post again once I've filled it in a few weeks.

So, what I did: I cut from an old cardboard box a long rectangle, scored and folded it, and cut a square in the spine, to make it like a book cover. Stupidly (because I was excited about covering it) I forgot to take pictures of this part... so here it is already covered:

Then I chose some coloured cardstock, cut slightly smaller rectangles and folded them in half to make squares. These will form the pages of the book:

I punched holes in each of the pages and inserted eyelets to strengthen the holes:

Next, I took two pieces of string and tied them around the top and bottom part of the spine, feeding them into the square hole and through the top and bottom eyelets of the page:

I secured the page with a knot at each eyelet, on the inside:

I repeated this for all the pages (I chose to have nine):

I really like the 'window' in the spine when all the pages are in place:

Then, just because I couldn't wait until I get the photos in there, I added the fastening. Using a brad, and some more string, I made a loop to hook over the brad at the front:

And punched a hole in the back and tied another knot in the string:

OK, that's it for now. Back to craft classes, finishing my friend's card collection request, and packing suitcases. Can't wait for the photos so I can post the finished article!


  1. I love this, the idea of it, and you could make a whole bunch using different colours, which would look so nice to display. Great idea.

  2. ahhhh lovely ideas here! I could use some of these... THANK YOU! I am enjoying the entries...

  3. What did you use to adhere the paper to the cardboard? I want to make one like this for me to keep for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, but was encountering some problems getting the paper to stick to the cardboard.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    thanks for your comment. I find that when all other glue fails, a good double-sided tape will do the trick. Putting it in all the key places (at folds, corners, edges, etc) ensures there's no chance of the paper coming off.
    (Also, a confession: I STILL haven't finished this project...)
    x x x

  5. Thanks for the tip. I think I finally got it to stick to it.