Thursday 18 November 2010

Pure Indulgence

November has turned out to be a super busy month for me, which is why I've been quite quiet in the blog world. Yes, I've still managed to update my blog, but my comments on everyone else's blogs have been few and far between. Once December rolls around, believe it or not, I'll be back - not to the future, and not with a vengeance, just... back.

So there really hasn't been much time to sleep this month, unlike for some...

Pure indulgence it was, then, that I made a cake. Granted, it was for my sister-in-law's birthday - it's not like I'm sitting at home eating it all by myself - but it was nevertheless quite indulgent. Because it was made up of 3 types of chocolate. Because the recipe made too much for the sized pans I have and I had to make 3 layers. And because it took me a whole morning, which I probably should have spent working instead.


  1. Oh your lucky, lucky sister--in-law! That looks delicious. I'm making malteaser cake tomorrow for my middle daughter's birthday so can't be *too* jealous... but I am :P

  2. Wow, a triple layer cake! Looks fab. I had to make a malteser cake this week too - but I had to send it into school and didn't get a single slice.

  3. looks great! bet it tasted lovely! did you SIL enjoy it?

  4. Oh my goodness, that cake looks just delicious! :)