Tuesday 30 November 2010

Stamp, Stamp, Stamp, Stamp, Stamp

No, that's not the sound of my foot making contact with the ground because I'm having a hissy fit. (Believe it or not, mum, I've finally grown out of that behaviour!)

I've recently come across a few stamp stores that I love, and simply wanted to get your attention so that I can share them with you.

First of all, Stampotique Originals. I am in awe of and in love with the artwork of Daniel Torrente & Jill Penney. Go check them out! The other day I saw on the lovely Carmen's blog an amazingly evocative snowman stamp, and desperately want it for myself.

Second, Bombshell Stamps produce images that are right up my street at the moment. Even if I wouldn't really know how to incorporate them into my art, I still love them for what they are. Plus they're having a giveaway contest on their blog at the moment, so go check them out too.

I suppose I have to mention that I also really quite like Tim Holtz's stamps. No need to link to anywhere here. But I think they will remain out of reach for me, price-wise, for a long time (*pine*).

Finally, there is a German shop, LaBlanche (yes, with a French name) which sells very finely detailed stamps. A lot of them aren't to my taste, but the skull stamp I used here was from there, and I've got a lovely Christmas scene one to show you soon too.

To round everything off, I have to give special mention to my recent purchase of grey ink - Versa Colour 'Cement' - because it is awesome. I am especially liking it for snowflakes at the moment.

So, share time - what are your favourite stamps? Tell me everything! I am having a stamp-obsessed week and must see more!


  1. My favourite stamp is a little alphabet set that I brought in the paper mill for 99p, I have used it so much and now I wish I had brought two! :)

  2. I wasn't a stamper at all - until I recently bought a couple of the new Juenni Bowlin inks. They just turn out so well I think I might be converted. Definitely recommended

  3. Well, we will see about the hissy fits!!!lol.
    Will go and have a look at the stamps they sound brilliant. Hope we get to do some stuff like that when you are here. xxxxx

  4. ohhh... i see some Gothic stamps there... but cute in a dark way...haha... I like the stuffs at LaBlanche too. thanks for sharing and visiting me friend... hope you are good!

  5. Stampotique and Bombshells are what converted me. I soooo wasn't a stamper before. I'm not properly now - I don't know what inks are what and how they differ etc, etc but am in love with those two.

    I only own one Stampotique and it isn't the snowman - someone was kind enough to send me some stamped images there. I own Mary who is a little goth girl :P But I am definitely DEFINITELY either hinting madly for snowman for my birthday in Februaury or will treat myself. Ssssh. I don't own any Bombshells yet either but am hoping Santa will be very kind this year *g*