Sunday 30 January 2011

On Travels

I just love little weekends away - stolen moments of calm in the midst of a hectic lifestyle. Back in August, we had exactly one of these little weekends. In a month of rain, Friday morning rolled around and we were bathed in gorgeous sunshine as we set out for the Ardennes.

On our travels we found a waterfall and swam in its icy pool. The country houses planted in us a seed of an idea to maybe one day have a guest house out there. We savoured the local cuisine and beer, and saw buzzards and bikers and... on the way home, we took a detour to a castle. It was stunning - peaceful, yet buzzing with no less than 3 bridal parties being photographed in the grounds. Of the many photos my fiance took of the castle, one stood out for layout-making.


I love this photo. I love how the blue of the sky makes such a strong reflection of the castle in the moat. It perfectly embodies our little weekend.


  1. I love going on travels as well, little adventures into the unknown, I like the colours for the layout, makes you feel the heat. Heres to many more mini adventures, that make life more exciting!

  2. Wow to have this scenery so nearby that you could steal away for a weekend trip would be amazing! Gorg page!

  3. amazing picture and wow your L/O is so beautiful and stylisch!!
    Great job!!
    Have a nice day!xx

  4. That's a beautiful cluster of embellishments you have going on there!

  5. Gorgeous picture!! Love your creative layout!!

  6. What a fabulous layout and the photo really shines in it, but I'm loving the cluster of embellishments.