Thursday 3 March 2011

Time to Rock

When I joined up to Project Restyle, I thought I had tons of stuff to alter; then I went through a phase of not having a clue what I could do; and then one day on the way to the park I found a record on the street. Sort of poking out of its sleeve. I looked closer and saw that it was a compilation of music named after and including one of my fiance's favourite songs. And suddenly inspiration came flooding over me.

It was a question of putting the pieces together: for example, in his stocking this Christmas my fiance found a small wooden puzzle, which he'd already asked me to do something crafty with.

And so after a morning of cleaning, painting, fixing and glue gunning, I had this:


It's for his music room (when he gets one). Check out the real Harley Davidson badge and Fender pick! What do you think?


  1. Amazing! Did you really just find it in the street? What a fantastic and unique item you have made. When you finally get your own home it will be full of fantastic things. x

  2. What do I think??? I think it's AMAZING! I bet he's over the moon with him, he's one lucky guy.

  3. SUPER COOL!!! Very unique!!..He will love it!!!

  4. LOVE this!! It's super cool!! You are an AMAZING artist!!

  5. Wow ! Really cool! I really love it, you did a great job with it!