Tuesday 1 March 2011

Thoughts on Trees

Trees are pretty incredible, if you stop to think about them. I rarely have time to pause and appreciate their beauty, strength and resilience, let alone their place in time and in the cultural history of humanity. Even less so their calming, quieting effect. But here I find a brief moment of tranquillity, as we begin a new month, to wonder and to be awed by them.

At the weekend we went to the forest again - a favourite place for us and for our dog. It's actually an arboretum, so we get to admire trees from all over the world as we hike around. It's the place we've always been able to wedding plan without the stress or distractions of external factors. At the weekend we needed to get away from these stresses and distractions a little more than usual. A few hours later, we were back home for lunch with lightened hearts and a solution.

So my postcard this week was a built from this - a little collage of a tree made from a leaflet that was advertising a wedding show.

An addendum: even though the arboretum is impressive, the most breathtaking tree that I've seen lately lives in a park just down the road from us.

Each time I see it I'm struck by its massiveness. How old it must be! This one really is an incontrovertible symbol of life. And just to put it into perspective:

It's got me to thinking how we'd both love to incorporate The Tree as a symbol into our wedding. Watch this space...


  1. I'm loving the postcard - I like how you've used things that are dear to you at the moment, like the wedding leaflet in it.

    That's a tree that is crying out to be climbed :) ...go on LOL.

  2. a beautiful tribute to trees. your postcard is so cool and i love how you used recycled materials to make it!

  3. That is one massive tree! I think I like being in a forest even more than being at the seaside. It's the peace that does it for me.

    A tree is a beautiful symbol to incorporate into your wedding plans.

  4. Love the card! I think it's a great idea to use tree as a theme in your wedding- there is so much potential there- can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I couldn't imagine a greater place to wedding plan - so romantic too! The tree would be a great symbol - a marriage built on strength and endurance.

  6. Please don't climb it! Dad is not there to get you down lol! It makes me feel so proud to hear how much you appreciate the wonders around you. I feel like we succeeded as parents, all the outings and nature books. Great idea to use in the wedding plans.

  7. oh yes, the nature books are always there in my mind. am very grateful to have had all that as a kid x

  8. These trees are hauntingly beautiful. Great pictures. Blessings, Joanne