Tuesday 18 October 2011

Front-Page News

Thanks to the skills of all our camera-toting wedding guests, I have a few really excellent pictures to work with while still (yes, still) waiting for the official photographs.

I've started our wedding album, people. Monumentous! And true to form, my organisation head wouldn't let me make any pages before I'd made the front page. Scrapbook Challenges' sketch 271 - out this week, so go and play along to be in with a chance of winning a prize - helped me pull this front page together.

The sketch:

I used the photo of us taken by my bridesmaid that I mentioned before. What this photo doesn't show (thankfully) is the tourists milling around, also taking photos of us; the random man wheelbarrowing a Mannekin Pis statue across the courtyard; the Spanish lady asking for a photo of my bouquet; and the other random man in a kilt trying to get in a photo with some of the bridesmaids.

it pulls together elements we used in the decor with some Echo Park goodness and some American Crafts sparkle
It does show a moment of calm just after we were declared husband and wife. It shows a style which, despite the twists and turns and the doubts and criticisms of the journey, I'm forever glad we stuck to our guns over. And it shows - of course it shows - the thing that lies at the centre of it all. Love.

told you I was loving circles and stars at the moment

and how could I resist the polka dot heart?
Look out for more wedding album pages very soon!


  1. I like how you have used the sketch. Great layout. I love the circles. I have been struggling a bit on how to use the paper, but you have given me some ideas. I am glad as well that your plan came together. It is not always easy for others to interpret your ideas. The day was definately filled with love.

  2. love your style! this is fabulous!

  3. This is fantastic! Love the aqua numbers- great font- that is a great photo of your guys and I really like how the main motifs for the wedding- the star, the color palette and the circles are repeated in the actual layout.

  4. Wohooo this is nice, I love how you designed this page for that gorgeous pic, Cheryl! Loving the red circles and stars too!! :)

  5. The thing I love about that pic is the sheer happiness on your face and the way Adam is looking at you. Its just so sweet. I'm so glad it printed well! Love the cut outs (especially the spotty heart)