Saturday 8 October 2011

The Wedding of Awesomeness: Part 2

It feels really weird to write this, but there were more than two hearts at our wedding.

What you saw when you looked up

Those hanging paper hearts are, and have been, all over the internet and especially Etsy for some time. But I still had to have them. I made them back in February, and I was damned if I wasn't going to use them! Cherry paper and everything!

The magical bunting was a labour of starchy love. My mum made over 50 metres of it, having chosen a whole range of fabrics that would match with the outfits and colours and styles of the wedding. I don't have the precise data, but I think it took a good couple of days to starch all of those triangles.

And the nautical stars - well... I made those a couple of weeks before the wedding, deciding one day that there was not enough nautical star in the whole picture. After the little star on the invitations, there had to be more!

These little ones were fiddly to put together

The hanging stars are 3D. I can tell you how I made them, if you like. It's quite easy.

1. I printed a large star template, and added tabs onto each outer line in pen. Then I used the template to cut out two stars from a piece of card, complete with tabs. I drew all the inner lines on in pencil with a ruler, including the ones separating the tabs from the main body of the star, and then scored along all the lines.

2. I manipulated each star so that the long lines coming from the centre to the points were mountain folds, and the shorter ones coming from the centre to the dips were valley folds. I folded all the tabs inwards.

3. This is where you decorate the star as you wish. I used the folds and lines to measure and cut out contrasting half-points to give it that nautical look.

4. Then I used PVA glue to stick the tabs of each star to each other. This was quite slow, as I needed to pinch and hold each part so that it adhered fully and began to dry before I could move onto the next part.

5. Once dry, the star - if you've made it, like I did, from thick card - is very sturdy, and holds up to more manipulation. Squash it down a bit, to make the folds and valleys really pop and dip.

6. Finally, hammer an eyelet through the top point and string it up.

They're equally good for Christmas... and that's just around the corner!

I'll leave you with a picture of me and my family.

Stylish, no?


  1. I love this photo of us, we all look so relaxed and happy. The hearts and stars were fabulous, and the bunting just looked so pretty. I/everyone wants to put it all up again and have a party! What a day! I just loved every minute of it!

  2. oh and those invites were a work of art!

  3. Oh yes! I love it.

    And your Mum made all that bunting? There's a lot of love has gone into that. Wow

  4. OH wow! LOVE! LOVE that invite! It's perfect- the flying bird stamp is COOL! LOve the ampersand getting it's own window- great design element! Great mini tute on the nautical star- will have to try doing those small enough to sprinkle on pages- they are TOO CUTE!

  5. love, love, LOVE those decorations hanging from the ceiling...very cool idea!

  6. Your idea is awesome!!! I loved the hanging hearts!!!

  7. How seriously cool is this!!?? LOVE those hearts in the banner!

  8. Every detail is perfect and so perfectly you!!! I love the bunting and of course you look so beautiful!!

  9. Ohhh what an awesome wedding decoration and that's a great pic of you and family!! Stylish? Absolutely!! :D