Wednesday 11 January 2012

Aim for 2012

Although I learned from setting resolutions in 2011 that that's just not the way I roll, I do have one aim for 2012 that I would really like to stick to.

For my birthday last year my parents gave me a sweet little bridge camera - a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS. I have slowly been getting to know it, but now I would like to ramp up relations and become an accomplished user.

I started off the year well. Just before getting on the Eurostar back to Brussels, I snuck this shot at St Pancras Station in London:
using the 'miniaturise' function

I am not often pleased with my own photography work, but I really like this one. I was just standing there waiting in the queue, staring at this exact shot, when I realised I should turn my eyes into a camera lens.

I've added a new page on my blog which will be dedicated to those photos of mine with which I'm particularly proud or happy: let me know what you think so far.

What are your aims for 2012?


  1. Love the effect you've got with this photo.
    My main aim this year is to actually 'do it' rather than just 'think about it'!!!!!

  2. I am complete rubbish with resolutions so I have to admit I don't usually bother! I like your photo very much and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you record during 2012

  3. I need to get to know my camera better too! I've had mine over a year and all I've done is point and shoot...

  4. My problem is I don't have the patience to read the manual! My aim is to be as productive as possible and to use up lots of stash. Off to view your new page!

  5. I've not set myself too many goals this year, my main one is just to craft more. I enjoy taking my camera off auto and playing, and I can tell you do too. I love the photos in your new section.

  6. That's a brilliant shot, Cheryl.It's a good idea to add a link to photos you especially like. Look forward to seeing more as you add them.

  7. I love how vibrant this shot is - how did you get the blue to "pop" so much?