Thursday 19 January 2012

Boxes... and Skulls... Again

While I'm working on something very exciting and waiting on something else very exciting (I'll share this very soon), I've got a very tiny thing to show you today.
Like I did here, I've gone and made another skull box. 
lots of skulls....yeah!
(Sharing time: I have a possibly unhealthy obsession with boxes. Boxes, tins, and the like. I like to collect them. Even if they may not have any future potential use. I like to stack them inside each other. I like to find the precise right one to store things in. (Boy do I love to store things.) I like to decorate them as giftboxes. I like to incorporate them into scrapping projects. I like to make myself them and...etc)
I used a heat embossing technique and Inkadinkado stamps borrowed from my mum to get this super smart look:
love how oily and grungy it looks
Did I mention I like boxes? This one was used to house a gift voucher at Christmas - and now it holds cufflinks. The gift voucher wasn't for cufflinks, but cunning box reuse is evidently one of my husband's traits too.


  1. Love the box....and perfect for cufflinks.

  2. You can always find a use for a box, even if it's just for decoration :)

  3. Love these babe! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOW Cheryl!! This is amazing work, I love it!! Gorgeousness!! =)