Monday 6 April 2009

My First Post: No Shoes Poem

Despite my resolution to not buy any this year, I find myself needing some new shoes. What do I do? It doesn't really matter; I don't have the money to spend on them.

Alas! Alack! I cannot shop
For a single slingback
Or flip-flop!

I have not the dosh to be pedally posh
Nor the dough to become well-heeled.
There is not enough green – I just don’t have the means
For my feet to be evenly keeled…

I suffer in grumps this financial slump
And in silence the terrible dread –
This unfortunate lack of trainer or pump;
Buy a wedge? I’m too close to the red!

There is too much heat for my downtrodden feet
And destitution upon which to muse
There are not enough bucks; having old shoes sucks
I’m impoverished, in need of some shoes!


  1. great poem, very funny. And such sweet things you have written about me and my nan xx

  2. Very, very nice I can relate to this poem. Times are so hard I can barely afford a pair of shoes. Nice poem.

  3. I think it’s funny - Shoes have always been a problem for me, and yes, with shoes you seem to need the money to have the right ones, which I have very little of!

  4. my problem exactly! I always buy beautiful but unpractical shoes and now here I am trodding around in the snow in the hubbys boots, 3 sizes too big.