Monday 6 April 2009

Scrapbook Scrapbook!

Time consuming as it is, the results are always so rewarding. My collection of materials still largely consists of things from my mum, either bought as gifts, 'I saw this and thought of you' purchases, or things she doesn't need any more - the best kind of hand-me-down.

So for her I upload this layout first - 'Cheesecake & Cocktails'.

A recently completed layout from Montenegro showcases my fledgling photography - it's titled 'Slide Away'. I took this at just the right time.

A final example for now is something I got out of a winter trip to Gent in Belgium. The colour of the winter sun on the willow leaves made me depart from the usual colours of winter here.


  1. I have always loved scrapbooks! It’s so personal and you can fill it with whatever memory you have or about whatever topic etc. You could make that into something to sell? Maybe something like you have for babies (baby book) but then something for everyone? You could make the design and have fixed titles for the pages like eg; best birthday, best friend, best holiday etc. Something like that? People like books where the layout is all done already (and that’s something you’re really good at!) and all they have to do is stick the pictures on the right pages, it makes them feel creative too, without having to do much work!