Tuesday 7 April 2009

Mini Albums Are Go!

Sometimes there are just a handful of photos you want to group together. Sometimes you can't face the thought of scrapbooking all those full size 12x12 inch pages just for a few photos. Equally you think they deserve a bit more than a simple photo album can offer - some annotation, some mementos, some embellishments...to the rescue comes the mini album! A teeny collection of photos and memories whose shape and layout often draws as much attention as the photos themselves.


  1. the photo doesn't do this justice, it is fantastically tactile in the "flesh"

  2. I love the idea you have there, sometimes you just want all the best things together in one space! Though I can see what Yvette means, is there anyway you could re-photograph it that you can see the 3D effect of it, if that makes sense?