Tuesday 22 September 2009

Giant Gift Tag

I am currently living out of suitcases, waiting to move into our own place, and have very limited supplies, most of which are in storage in a basement 40km away. At the weekend I had to make a card for a friend's birthday. I realised I didn't even have enough material to make a card: so I had to think, think, think! We were taking a bottle of wine, so I thought perhaps a gift tag, tied around the neck of the bottle, would suffice. I enlarged the original idea and made it 4 inches high, large enough to stand in very well for a card. I cannibalised an old Hallmark card, stole some string from the garden, and voila! The stylish yet simple giant gift tag:


  1. Love the idea, and so many occasions to use it for! Maybe something also for ‘thinking of you’ type of thing, will definitely cheer people up!