Thursday 15 July 2010

Oh, Cindy Lou

There's a SWEET new Cricut cartridge out called 'Cindy Loo', which in my opinion has the most usable shapes of any cartridge they've released. C'mon, it even has cupcake wrappers! I don't own the cartridge, but my mum does, and she let me use it when we were visiting the UK the other week. As ever, time slips away and Cricut time was limited in the end to one afternoon. There was so much more I wanted to cut! The mushrooms, the birdhouses, the russian dolls... but I did manage to take away a few shapes, and this is what I did with them.

I cut a wreath - the one with trees, a squirrel and a deer - in the biggest size possible (with the Cricut Expression's 'Fit to Page' feature this was 11.5 inches), in green. I also cut another two, the same size, in grey and pink. I used Bazzill cardstock for all of them. I can't show you what things look like at this point because the picture I took is way too blurry.

Anyway, I cut certain parts from the grey wreath - the tree branches -and certain parts from the pink wreath - the tree leaves - and stuck the pieces onto the green wreath:

I then cut the squirrel and the deer shapes from one of the 'spare' wreaths:

And I traced the outlines of the shapes onto the back of some patterned paper I had left over and cut them out:

After sticking those shapes in place, I hand-cut some butterflies from some other patterned paper scraps, and stuck them in place:

And the finished article (finished apart from a few small gems, some ribbon and a place to hang it):

How cute is that? There are so many possibilities with this cartridge, I'd love to own it myself!


  1. wow, you made a great job with that, I love the idea of using the patterned paper for the deer and squirrel, you should post it on the cricut forum in the cindy loo thread.

  2. Wow this is so pretty, I love what you've done here, not to mention the super sweet patterns/colours.
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog too,
    Katie x

  3. Oh my word!! How cute is that??!!

  4. This is really unique! Thanks for visiting my blog dear...