Monday 26 July 2010

Un Grand Merci

Recently a trip to the B&Q equivalent here ('Brico') gave me a big surprise. Don't get me wrong, I love going to these huge shops - there's always so much to look at... not to mention things to purloin, like paint samples, colour cards, wallpaper samples and so on! But this time, once I was bored of the garden section and the door handles section and the paint section, I found, tucked away in the far corner, a little artists'/crafters' section! No way!

This is where I found these stamps... they're Royal Brush, the 'Journey' and 'Viva France' sets. I love them!

I got inventive with them immediately, starting from scratch with some white linen cardstock cut to postcard size. I just started inking, stamping, and was so pleased with the result:

To finish off the postcard with a sentiment, I cut the word 'Merci' using the Cricut and then used the outline as a stencil to dab paint into.


  1. Great find!! What Biffy lyrics does your brother have tattooed? I'm thinking about getting some Air Traffic lyrics done but I can't decide where.

  2. You're not as pleased as I am at receiving the beautiful, beautiful postcard. Thank you so much. xx

  3. So lovely Cheryl, I really need these stamps!
    The lyrics on Cheryl's brother's arm are
    "All the way down"

  4. looks like you had fun playing with your inks and stamps!!!

  5. I've been enjoying a catch up with your posts today; I loved reading your thoughts on the old postcards. And congratulations on the Minibooks Anonymous team! That's great news.