Thursday 1 December 2011

New Paper

I got a delivery at the end of last week. It was a very exciting delivery, because it embodied at least three things in one.

It satisfied the need to impulse buy that sometimes befalls all of us; it pulled together lots of papers I'd been looking for for a while; and it appealed to the part of my brain interested in wallpaper patterns. In short, it was perfect.

And what did it look like? It was this:

And with it, I did this:

bliss indeed
It makes me so happy to look at it and remember the feeling of the first day of our honeymoon - euphoria, triumph, love, satisfied exhaustion, excitement, anticipation... and more, so much more.

I can spot 3 Gauche Alchemy goodies in this shot
And I suppose it makes me a little sad, too - so brief, that first day, and soon the honeymoon was over, and life began again. But memories are there for enjoying, and that is what this page does.


  1. Hehe.. yeah Cheryl, that's why memories are called memories :) I like your honeymoon page, so fun to look at!! Nice pics, and great design! Have a great day ya!! *It's ok, everyday can be a honeymoon ;)))

  2. It has such a happy feel to it! And a lovely light touch in the design and embellishment. Perfect

  3. Loving that paper collection! I really like how you put all of the elements together on your page and who could possibly go wrong using Gauche Alchemy goodies?! I love you sentiment about this page. Beautifully done.

  4. As always another lovely layout! so bright and happy, and if it makes you feel the way you did that day then it has to be right!

  5. FUN! I'm always a sucker for yellow chevron and I really like the photos here- the bright pops of color are fantastic!

  6. great buy!! Graet page too :D xox