Monday 5 December 2011

Off Celebrating

It's the husband's birthday weekend, and somehow it's turned into a four-day celebration. Lucky he took Monday and Tuesday off work. Unlucky for me: I'm ill, ill, ill.

His card this year is a good reflection of how I was feeling when I made it. I was just beginning to see a bit of colour again, but my head was all over the place: buzzy, frenetic, wishing my cold would fly away.

this is me, ill, in card form - could be worse, I suppose!

I used some Gauche Alchemy stuff of course - perfect for this kind of mood. New punchinella from India, ouchless cardboard and pages from an old dictionary and a music book. Most surprisingly of all, though, was the fact that I busted out my watercolour pencils after years of neglect - and I'm so glad I did. (Even if the red did turn out a bit pink - sorry, husband!)

watercolours, oil  paint and Cosmic Shimmer Mist make up this eclectic background
I sealed it all together with a home-made envelope:

that's the man's name
Happy Birthday, Husband!


  1. I hope you get better soon. A bright and cheery card, amazing seeing as you don't feel well.

  2. You'd never say you were ill while making this it's so creative. I hope you're feeling better

  3. Looks great- I need to try at! I need to try out that sunburst pattern too- I loved the Studio Calico stamp but since I'm no longer a subber I lost out on the kit- anyway- that's a great card!!!

  4. I love this card! Would you like my address?! ;) Fabulous sunburst design and there's nothing wrong with pink for the man. ;) I can't wait to get this new punchinella! You have inspired me. Hugs to you and birthday wishes to the man!