Thursday 26 November 2009

Market Research

Big news: I am building a website to promote and sell the things that I make. The product list is small at the moment - I want to see what excites people like and what bores them. General ideas are:

  • cards and gift tags
  • picture frames
  • invitations
  • bunting and decor
  • decorated pages for framing with photos
  • custom booklets, notepads and albums
These pictures show a few things I've been putting together: cards and gift tags. I'm working on invitations as we speak, so I'll post those soon. As you can see, themed sets are already taking shape:

Labels feature an eyelet for reinforcement (and style!):


  1. I like these little tags. The gingham (sic?) cherries are well cool. In fact, most of the things with a pattern and a bold design on top (skull etc) also really works.

    I like the button tree too.

  2. I really like the button tree!


  3. I love all of these, especially the button tree!

  4. love all the tags, great designs

  5. I really like the green alien and rocket labels. Some constructive criticism: the close-up picture shows up imperfections. Easy T

  6. Easy T,
    you're right... however the reason is that these are the protoypes and in the interests of getting the ball rolling I have posted the only pics I have.

  7. I love these tags best - most of all the ones with gingham, and the alien is wicked.
    Also think the gift boxes are a very good idea, especially if you make all different sizes and designs.
    Cath A

  8. Love all of these tags! Love the button tree, you should definately do more with that idea.

    Also love the cherry tag, is the stork of the cherry sew in to the card? I really like the idea of that rather than it being drawn on as it makes it seem more handmade and personal.

    Also love the skull with the girly bow! Very cute! Any tag in which you have used extra materials on top of the card are my favourites, they just make them that little bit more special :-)


  9. I pretended I could just choose 1 option and it would have to be without doubt the custom booklets, notepads and albums! I think you have a real eye for that (as well as everything else, but that’s just really special)