Tuesday 24 November 2009

Scrapbook Selection

I was just sorting through my collection and it is woefully small. I am hoping that now I work from home I will have more time to scrap our photos... scratch that, I am DETERMINED now that I work from home to make more time to scrap our photos!
Anyway, here is a small selection from scraps past. I've got a bunch of new tools and a buzzing in my head which means the next selection will... well, have more stuff on them. Enjoy:

From Montenegro:

From New York:

And from France:


  1. I really like it and wish I could see it in real, my hands are itching to want to turn the other pages! I really think you would be brilliant in offering a service whereby people come to you with their photo’s and their story and you help them with making their memory book, or they provide you with all the pictures and texts and you put it together. I know it sounds a weird idea, but people will pay a lot for a memory book which means a lot to them.