Tuesday 26 October 2010

...by the Layers on my Tinny-Tin-Tin

Over at Scrap, Laugh, Love there is a challenge going on to alter a tin.

I got my tin from the flea market around the corner a few weeks ago, but I had to make sure I didn't like it too much as I was going to have to alter it. It's the little round one at the front:

Here's what I did:

 And here's how I did it:

After covering the tin with a dark layer of acrylic paint, I used masking tape to section off stripes and decopatched bits of a magazine on in two colours.

I cut a wine cork (actually, a beer cork) into 3 to use as feet. And then got to decorating. The challenge required that we use at least one butterfly on the project... I used lots, in an upward spiral pattern around the tin:

And used a big journalling shape and lots of embies to round it all off.


  1. Wow, this is so pretty. I love the little butterflies :)

  2. It is pretty amazing, it is interesting how you have covered the tin with a magazine, really like it.

  3. wow!!! now this is altering!!!! way to go!!! i love it so much!!!

    thanks for playing and dont forget we are holding a design team call, check it out!

  4. ps, I love all the titles you come up with as well!

  5. Awesome tin!! I have mine finished...just need to photo it and submitted!! It's not as nice as yours though!! I too like your blog titles!!

  6. This is amazing. Wow it does not even look like a tin anymore! I love it thanks for participating!!!