Sunday 31 October 2010

Halloween 2010: A Brief Encounter

Shocking. I LOVE Halloween. And how much time have I had to craftily spend on it? Not much. Not much at all. Certainly not enough.

I'm so grateful, then, that one of my friends, whose surprise birthday party it was last night, is a punky-metally kinda girl. I used my new skull stamp to make her a card, and a bit of halloweeny inspiration to make her a photo frame. And then I liked the frame so much that I made one for us too. And put the skull in it. So OK, maybe I had a teeny bit of time to make one small Halloween decoration. Ahhhh - that's better.

For the card, I added a small blue heart gem to one of the eyes. I love that. Looks a bit piratey, a bit evil, and a bit lovely too. I also used a very noisy embossing technique - which I'll show you on Tuesday.

I did the same for the skull I put in the frame. 
For the frame, I sprayed some Cosmic Shimmer Mist over some star masks and then stamped a couple of images on in grey ink. And I stamped a couple of other images in glue and covered them with flock.

And of course, I made cookies. I couldn't resist. They went into the spidery bowl for the trick or treaters who have just left - and left me with nothing but crumbs.
And finally, I found a first use for the birdcage...

 I hope everyone had a very happy halloween!


  1. I LOVE the frame!! That is awesome!! You are so super creative!! Darling cookies, too!!

  2. I love the card and frame and those cookies look super cute and super yummy!!! I wanted to make spider web cakes but sadly ran out of time :(

  3. Ooooh! Ooooh! And OOOOOH! Such lovelies to see. Gorgeous frame, gorgeous card... and WHERE did you get the stamp? Love it!

  4. What lovely things you made, I am sure your friend loved the card and frame, they are great, love the distressing on the frame, and the use of flock. The scroll is looks so cool. Nice to be able to use the bird cage, I suppose it will have many uses for each season/occasion. Great cookies, the icing looks so smooth. Well you say you didn't do much but what you achieved there is amaizng! So talented!!

  5. Cor, that skull stamp certainly is a bit spooky!

  6. brrr spooky! oh she must have loved it !

  7. oh my, I love that frame, very very spooky. You've really gone to town with your creations - and i bet your friend just LOVED them.