Thursday 26 May 2011

Working Long Distance

....isn't so bad. I have a sea view, a plush carpet to scrunch my toes into, and a nice comfy office chair of a calibre far beyond mine at home.

Speaking of work, I am thinking about relationships, and what it takes to make them work. It's a delicate balance, I've found, between standing up for yourself and giving a lot - amongst many other things. And I found myself turning these thoughts into a layout in response to a challenge that came up for me recently on Scrapbook Challenges. It was to make an olympic-themed page, and I got in the misting, the journalling, and the altered chipboard that were demanded.

Hoping you all have winning days. I'll be working, long distance, but with a smile on my face.


  1. A thoughtful and thought provoking page.

  2. Beautiful!!!
    And what a pretty couple!
    Have a nice day!

  3. lovely! enjoy the sea view!

  4. I just loved!!!
    Such a nice page..I love the photo !!
    have a wonderful weekend.
    Kisse and huges from Brazil

  5. oh what a lovely page ... the perfect title too:)