Tuesday 10 May 2011

My 199th Post

After all the planning and the looking forward to this moment, it's crept up on me in a fortnight of insane amounts of work distractions and will have to pass unceremoniously and without the planned giveaway. Well, watch this space on the giveaway.

At 199th post point, I obviously wanted to reflect a little. So, almost 6 months into the year, I'm going to glance back at my 2011 resolutions and assess the state of things.

1) The Get Healthy resolution - after some ups and downs, I think I can say 'Check'. Or at least, I've finally got it in check.
2) The Stop Worrying So Much About The Passing Of Time resolution - for me, really quite successful until a meltdown of sorts last weekend. Back up and running now though. And definitely happier for it. Which was the intention.
3) The Continue To Sand Down My Rough Edges resolution - slower going, this one, but I'm pretty sure I can say I've made some progress. Little and often, little and often.
4) The Co-Organise Our Wedding resolution - well, yes, this one is working. Not without spats, but definitely working. It has to, really, otherwise we won't have a wedding.
5) The Increase The Amount Of Freelance Work I'm Doing resolution - I meant by actively seeking out work, and in those terms I have failed so far. But on the other hand I've been getting pllllllllllllenty of work for 3 of the 4 elapsed months so far so it's not so bad.
6) The Craft In A More Focused Way resolution - I certainly have planned ahead, revelled in keeping lists, toned down the spending to small but Important purchases. And I've produced layouts in much faster times than ever before. Success here.
7) The Write More Narrative On My Blog resolution - so far, mainly a fail. I would blame the speed of the passing of time, but for the fact that Resolution #2 would jump off the screen and slap me in the face. But I do want to Write More Narrative. And Better Narrative. Because I do miss writing.
8) The Make Cards From Paper and Materials I No Longer Like And Will Never Use In Other Crafting resolution - not a complete success, but more a success than a fail. In fact, not making many cards at all this year helps skew the figures in my favour somewhat. Hmmm...must make more cards.
9) The Sit Down On Every 25th Of The Month And Make At Least 10 Christmassy Things resolution - ummmm, I was unable to foresee, in January when my eyes were bright with the possibilities a whole new year might bring my way, how utterly un-Christmassy I would feel on any day of  the month, let alone the 25th. So, after January - a fail. But not one I'm ashamed of. I've discovered I like Christmas to remain what - and where - it is. After December 5th - and that is all.
10) The Make A Postcard A Week resolution - I have kept this up, although I've been in such a rush lately that I've sent the postcards off before photographing them. So technically I can't prove it. But if you have any doubts, send me a postcard. Etiquette says I must reply.

There - my half-way status. I'm fairly happy with it. Not really into self-flagellation right now as stress leads to unproductiveness and I cannot be unproductive at this time.

2011 so far has brought me a whole bunch of new online friends - thanks you lot for being so cool - and numerous exciting possibilities that I can't wait to get my teeth into. Here's to the future - from post 199.

Oh, and here is the mother's day card I made for mum-in-law-to-be. Gotta get used to having two separate dates for this one.


  1. You have achieved loads! The card is absolutely gorgeous, I think it has to be one of my faves :)

  2. I think you have done really well, just the planning of a wedding is enough, let alone all the d t teams you are in and working etc. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, you're doing it well! Lovely Mother's day card, like the teapot a lot.

  3. There is always something new and interesting on your blog, so your creative year feels like a success from here - and I bet your other readers will say the same thing!

    199 posts is no mean feat - here's to many, many more in the future

  4. That is a beautiful card and I think you're going well with your list

  5. Beautiful ... really beautiful. Where on earth you find the time to be so creative is just beyone me.