Tuesday 3 May 2011

Just for the Record: I'm Lifting Again

Look at that. I'm getting good at this headline-creating business.

It's layout time. More specifically, it's gorgeous spring yellow, For the Record time.

A blogospherical friend of mine who is rather good at making layouts (not to mention dresses, and cards, and mini albums) made a page a while ago that I kept thinking about. In creating my most recent layout I managed to lift her and use masses of the amazing collection that is For the Record. It's so versatile, with so many different potential 'looks' - I can't stop praising it.

What I'm loving about this page, other than For the Record: clouds, journalling, masking tape and Versamark stars. Thanks to Sabr for the inspiration!


  1. It's a fantastic collection - and I love the way you have mixed in a bit of Crate Restoration too. It's another classic.

  2. Wow, another fantastic layout, I really love it, I love all the little bits and pieces.

  3. awww... i love the details... love the story...

  4. Awe,how very sweet!!
    Have a nice day!
    (everything fine over there??)

  5. Great page, I love all the little details in the close ups :)