Monday 16 May 2011

How to Mark a Milestone

At the point of posting post number 200, I find myself contemplating how exactly to mark this milestone.

I could look back to the first days of my blogging career and be a little embarrassed by the fact that I didn't really have a clue how the whole thing worked. I could explain that, in spite of that, my original reason for setting up the blog - to easier show my mum what crafty things I'd been up to - was worthy, and has not been forgotten; I could talk about how, when I moved to Belgium, this reason became all the more valid.

I could tell you how our move to Belgium was great for my blogging career, because my need to connect again with like-minded people led me on an international journey around the internet and gave me knowledge, inspiration and friends. How becoming self-employed allowed me the freedom to experiment more with my art and my time, and enabled me to really start to find my style.

And I could reminisce about my first design team experience, how it challenged me to learn about video editing, and how that has led to a new kind of digital scrapping for me (for now I'm going to call it video scrap) - some of which, perhaps, I'll show you one day.

But instead, I'm going to look forward. I look forward to exciting opportunities from current and future design teams; to beautiful inspirational creations, posts, collaborations and more by and with those people in blogland I have come to know; and to a never-ending refinement of the 'crafty me'. I look forward to our crafty wedding, perhaps some more craft markets, and even more unknown crafty things.

And what of the present? Well, working from home and being able to observe our dog for most of the day, I've found myself really questioning what it's like being a dog. It's not a question I'll ever have answered, but I thought I'd make a page out of it anyway, just to remember this fascination and wonderment I have right now with dogs and their interaction with us humans.

I followed May's sketch on the Sassafras blog. Having only one slot for the photo, but five photos I wanted to use, I made a slidy thingy that fits through the page and out the back so that you can view any of the photos by pulling the slidy thingy left or right.

So that's it. My 200th post, up and out there, asking an unanswerable question. That's how I'll mark my milestone.


  1. Great post and a lovely layout, I really like the way you've hidden the extra photos

  2. Happy 200th blog post....and such a great page :)

  3. love this layout :) :) Happy 200th Post :) :)

  4. Very interesting reading all your thoughts and what an amazing layout, how clever the pull out bit!

  5. Congrats on 200 posts!! How wonderful!! I look forward to many more!!
    LOVE your thought on the whole dog thing!! :) We will never know!! *L* Great LO!!

  6. Happy 200th!

    I love that slidey thing - no, make that I really love that slidey thing :)

  7. Wow, 200 posts! That's a lot of blogging : ) Congrats x

    P.S. Just been on an Etsy binge myself, that site is so irresistible!!

  8. Hi Cheryl!! I left something on my blog for you!! Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Such a great post - I've really really enjoyed reading your blog in the past, and I know I wil in the future too. Plus, the amazing layouts and craft projects you produce just amaze me.