Friday 5 March 2010

The One with the Waggly Tail

So, we got a dog. He's a rescue - he was found on the streets; how anyone could ever abandon that face is beyond me. We called him Django.

I've made a mini word album for him. I cut the letters with the Cricut.

I added some embellishments like collar tags, and couldn't resist adding some ribbony bits and pieces:

And for the more technical stuff, I punched holes big enough for the rings and ribbon and page-turning to fit, and sanded the edges and shaded them with chalk:

Now I just need to add the photos...


  1. Great word album, fun to put together, you have made a good job!

  2. I really like this one. How thick is your paper? how did you:
    1. cut it if it is thick?
    2. punch it?

  3. Odeline,
    1) I scored the letter shapes with my Cricut and then finished them with a knife, and
    2) I used a punch tool, a hammer, and some strength! It was very thick, and I had to make sure they lined up perfectly, so I did them all at once.

  4. Lucky dog, to have his own special mini word album, not many dogs who can say they have one! (Would you be able to make one for me - my aunt loves her dog so much, but is ill, she’d love one! How much are you asking for that, or was that a one-off thing?)