Tuesday 30 March 2010

Easter Fun

It goes without saying that Easter is an opportunity for crafting. I'm working on the essentials of an Easter egg hunt at the moment, but as a taster I'm uploading the card I have made for my husband-to-be. His ideas about tattoos, designs, logos and artwork have inspired me to use the negative space of an egg shape to act as a frame for my stamp-tastic display (thanks to the Sassafras Lass Head in the Clouds collection).

I love these stamps - I carried on stamping on the envelope:


  1. Very good idea! I also like the "guirlande" ;)

  2. I really like this, the idea of the egg is great, I love all the clouds, I didn't know you had stamps like that, I need a crafting visit!!lol

  3. I really like the egg a lot and like the way how the bird is a slightly sharper colour than the rest, it stands out and yet it all belongs together!