Thursday 18 March 2010

Peggy Sue

Today I got to hang the washing out in the garden for the first time this year, and I was pleasantly reminded of some presents I got for Christmas:

A pegbag and some cute little peg magnets! So it got me thinking... and I gathered a few things together:

...namely, some plain ol' wooden pegs that I've never used (for lack of warm weather to hang washing out in), some newly acquired but much-waited-for Memento Ink (in Tuxedo Black - more colours to come!), and a not-yet-used script stamp. The script stamp rocks by the way:

I pegged the pegs onto a piece of cardboard, so they all sat in a line, and made sure they were even, so the stamp would cover them uniformly. And here you go:

The Memento Ink should last, apparently, but I just might not risk the elements and use them indoors instead!


  1. Sweeeeet! The script stamp looks indeed really nice!

  2. Agreed, the script stamp rocks and looks really pro on the pegs. Simple and extremely effective. Good work!

  3. That looks really artistic! And love the way how your idea started with hanging the washing outside for the first time in the year!