Thursday 22 April 2010

A Note on Using Flock

I've just tried my hand at using flock. It's been an experience. You see, I hate mess, yet I'm a messy person. How do I live with myself? Right now I'm using blogging as therapy. Just look at the mess:

So anyway, using flock is fairly easy. You need some flock, first and foremost (I used Stampendous! Plain Ol' Black Fun Flock), and then a glue pad, glue and a stamp:

I've quickly learned a few things. For the stamp, it's important to have quite a simple stamp, as the flock will not take to one that is too intricate or too fine. When it comes to the glue, it's quite important to try not to get any where you don't want it, although you can easily clean up with a cotton bud as soon as you've stamped and flocked (don't leave it too long or it will dry). The flock does stay on. You just need to leave it a good few hours. I tested it by trying to brush it off every twenty minutes, but after a bit I got bored of waiting, so 'a good few hours' is an fair enough estimate.

Oh, and, conveniently, the flock expands once you've used it a little, so it doesn't fit back in the pot unless you pack it down! That accounts for some of the mess. As does the fact that it's so fine it floats around on the air and gets everywhere. BUT, despite all of this, IT WORKS:

I'm going to leave these cards and finish them off tomorrow. I'll post pictures then!


  1. OMG,you're right what a state!! I know exactly what you mean, can't stand the mess but have to get messy to do stuff. The cards look very effective. I think I would like to try this technique. The finish is much better than I thought it would be, I did think it would all fall off. They look great as they are, but you say you need to finish them, can't wait!!

  2. That’s funny, I’m the same! I hate mess and yet I’m a messy person too! (though I do my best to hide that fact!) I agree with Yvette, it looks nice as it is, though I haven’t seen the finishing product yet!