Monday 24 May 2010

Clean and Simple

Continuing on a theme... yesterday I tried a layout with many layers and bits and pieces and really wasn't happy with it. So I reclaimed the photos and put them away for another attempt later. Instead, I've gone the other way entirely and attempted a page with minimalistic embellishment. I like it. It's not what I usually do, but I can see the effectiveness of using only a few decorations in highlighting the feature of the page, the photo.

I could see this type of page being framed and hung on the wall. For this one I used a scalloped 30x30 page:

I added simple embellishments - just 3 flowers and a tag:

And I tried a paint-spattering method over a swirly mask:

That's it - clean and simple. I'd like to work on this style a little more to add it to my repertoire.


  1. La photo doit, selon moi, toujours rester l'acteur principal d'une page. Ta mise en page la met en évidence, c'est bien.

  2. Yes, Chocodeline, that is what I am saying - the photo should be the central feature, but sometimes a layout can get carried away, and its embellishments seem to reproduce on the page. More is more sometimes, but most of the time less is more. Coco Chanel once said you should always take off one thing - a brooch, bracelet, scarf or such - before leaving the house, as you will usually have put on too many things to embellish your outfit. The same philosophy applies to layouts I think.

  3. I think this is great, the balance is just right. The title works really well and I love the paint effect. Very classy.

  4. Really nice work! It is lovely!
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  5. Very effective - it’s very peaceful to look at.

  6. I agree with the layout comments and love the negative image paint splatter effect. Superb!