Saturday 8 May 2010

One-Page Mini-Album

Thanks to Odeline and her tutorial, I've tried my hand at creating a special foldy mini-album, and discovered it's actually a very frugal method. It's made from one 30x30 page, so you don't use much paper; you can add a fair few photos, concentrating the theme and clearing some of your backlog; and it's small, so it only takes a few hours. A great solution for a quick fix!

It folds up like a twisted accordion...

...and it opens out to a full 30x30 page. And because of the way it folds, you decorate both sides, which means double the coverage of your chosen theme:

The pages are small (10cm x 10cm) but you can make them as busy - :

or as simple -:

as you like. I'm now on a mission to make a whole bunch of these little babies as gifts, and my challenge will be to make sure each differs greatly in its colour theme. To the paper stack!


  1. What a great idea, I must try this. I really like the papers you have used.

  2. That looks great! Would love to see the real thing! I didn’t know that existed… I love the concept!