Thursday 27 May 2010

Home is...

Home is a smiling dog. Home is sunshine on the pillow. Home is lots of things. But, home is not a solid place, not a geographical location. It is more a state of mind. From this point of view I decorated a picture frame to hang on the wall near the front door of our apartment:

I Decopatched the frame, using paper from Toga's Ziboux range, and added simple embellishments such as ric-rac, some silky twine, a Cosmo Cricket sticker and a Toga stamp cut-out. The letters spelling 'HOME' are wooden and painted in a shade to match the paper.

I also decorated the backing paper behind the photo, in colours to match the paper:

I actually had to do this because when I took the picture I was convinced the frame was portrait... but no, it is landscape, and the picture was so perfect that I couldn't face waiting and trying to recreate it. Especially the getting-the-dog-to-'smile' part. So, it had to be resized and cropped and it just wouldn't stretch to full landscape. Anyway. Home, sweet home, is where the heart is.


  1. Cheryl, this is really good. Love it!

  2. I love this Cheryl, I love the patterns and colours, it looks like so much work has gone into it, great photo as well, what a lovely piece of personal work to hang by the door, I look forward to seeing it in the flesh!

  3. I like your definition of home; state of mind, that’s how I feel it too! I like it a lot, would like to see that one too in real!

  4. This is awesome. Literally. A lovely bright touch to any home.