Sunday 9 May 2010

Easy Craft Projects Challenge

I've recently become aware of the ECP Challenge blog, and have decided to enter their Spring challenge. It's my second ever entry to a craft challenge (oh, wait... is this where I should mention my victorious record in primary school craft challenges? Um, well... it was a few years ago... probably should just move on...).

Anyway... my motivation for this creation was that my first winter in Belgium felt soooo long and was soooo cold that I was probably dreaming of spring a little before it arrived. I created this card with a new set of stamps by Artemio and a small handful of new chalk inks.

I like the fact that you can layer the twig and flower stamps, and the way the bird stamp is slightly larger than the shape it was stamped on. I find this card clean and simple, with a definite Spring element to it.


  1. I love this card, great colours, and great stamps. I think that it has very clean lines, simple, but beautiful!. Craft challenges at school, Mother's Day card, Cinderella panto comp, to name just two. Good luck with this competition.

  2. he he I can't wait to get a set of these stamps!!!

  3. This is really beautiful :-)

  4. I like it, those stamps are great! And nice to see Peggy Sue too, to hold it up with!